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Lactic Acid

Lactic acid history goes back to Egyptian rule when Cleopatra used to take a bath in sour milk. Historians glossed over this product from time to time to unlock this riddle. Finally, they conclude that sour milk contains lactic acid that comes from lactose found in milk. So, regarding sour milk as a posh ingredient for skin brightening would not be a lie. Over time, various clinical studies have come forth and discovered the benefits of this magical ingredient. Synthetically it belongs to the AHA, which is a mild exfoliant.

The exfoliation done by lactic acid cleans and brightens the skin as well as keeps it hydrated. Moreover, it doesn’t strip away the natural skin barrier. It is regarded as an anti-wrinkle and anti-pigmentation ingredient with an over-the-counter skincare ingredient. It enhances skin texture, removes skin bumps, darkness, dullness, spots, and pigmentation, and is an anti-wrinkle product. Let’s hop on the bandwagon and learn more about this ancient but with the twist of modern ingredients.

Important Things to Know about Lactic Acid

How Does Lactic Acid Work?

Lactic acid can be applied to the body as chemical lactic acid peels, creams, moisturizers, and cleansers. It works by removing the upper skin surface. Technically it targets the dead skin cells, peels them, and exfoliates them leaving the skin to appear firmer and brighter. Moreover, it removes the junk present between the cells while paving the way for moisture to store and built-in up on the skin’s surface. As a result of this, skin appears well-hydrated and plumper.

How Is Lactic Acid Used?

Lactic acid is used on the skin in different concentrations—the lowest concentration of 0.5% is introduced to build up skin tolerance. As the skin perfects the tolerance, the concentration can be increased slowly. It starts by removing dead layers to brighten the skin and draw moisture from the cell to the skin surface, which results in minor wrinkles and more youthful skin.

Furthermore, Apply a pea-sized amount of lactic acid on the back of your arm for beginners. Let it stay overnight. If any reaction occurs, then stop its usage and seek medical advice. Otherwise, you can continue using the lactic acid product and reap its incredible benefits. Always use lactic acid at night because the AHA, the exfoliator, makes the skin sensitive. So, you must use mineral sunscreen in the daytime and moisturizer afterward.

What Are the Benefits of Lactic Acid for Skin?

The benefits of lactic acid are giant. It increases cell turnover by removing dead skin cells, resulting in a more skin-brightening, youthful appearance. This also contributes to its anti-wrinkle property. Also, it helps to remove skin bumps, improve skin texture, promote hydration, treat dark spots, and fade hyperpigmentation.

Can You Use Lactic Acid With Other Skincare Ingredients?

Lactic acid works great with hyaluronic acid. Together they heal the skin by increasing the skin moisture factor. They serve as a physical barrier for the skin. But don’t mix it with any other skincare product. Especially avoid mixing it with any other exfoliating agent and peels because it will make the skin sensitive and cause side effects.

Can Lactic Acid Be Used on the Body?

Lactic acid can be used all over the body. The rough dub lub skin on the arms, scaly and flaky skin on the face, saggy and whiteheads at the back, age spots, pigmentation, dullness, and dry patches. It serves as a mediocre exfoliating agent.

Is It Safe to Use Lactic Acid Every Day?

The human skin needs a certain level of exfoliation. Afterward, it just requires proper maintenance and consistency. So, saying that lactic acid can be used daily is a bogus answer. It works on some but results in disaster for many. So, take dermatological advice before proceeding.

Is Extra Sun Protection Required When Using Lactic Acid?

Yes, lactic acid needs extra sun protection because skin peeling and cell turnover make the skin sensitive and prone to cell damage. So always wear good sunscreen while stepping outside and use lactic acid at night, preferably. Repeat the application after 2 hours for better efficacy. So, Lactic acid is a game-changer ingredient. It is a darling of the skin peeling industry, giving it a thumbs up worldwide. It is undeniably the GOD-sent natural ingredient. But proper guidance from dermatologists is always needed to get the desirable results.

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