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Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide was synthetically prepared in 1952. It is also a naturally occurring metal in dunes and the earth’s crust. The analyzed form of titanium dioxide is used in sunscreens. It protects the skin from harmful radiation. Serving as a colorant in cosmetics with a brightening and natural finish makes it an influential ingredient in the beauty and skincare industry. It is a skin protectant that keeps skin safe from impurities. Let’s explore this powerful ingredient more.

Important Things to Know About Titanium Dioxide

What Is Titanium Dioxide Used For?

Titanium dioxide has various forms. Mainly the nano form is used in skincare. It is present as a white powdery pigment. It gives opaqueness to the foundations and loose powder formulas. In lotions and creams, it creates a skin-brightening effect.

Furthermore, it performs the thickening functions for nail paints and lipsticks. Also, it can serve as a colorant and give formulas a matte finish. It safeguards the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation. It successfully filters UVA and UVB radiations. The powdery layer of titanium dioxide is insoluble in water, so it stays on the skin’s surface and serves as a skin barrier. It is also used as a pore minimizer.

Is Titanium Dioxide a Chemical Sunscreen?

Titanium Dioxide is not chemical sunscreen. It is a physical sunscreen because its formula is not absorbed into the skin. Instead, it stays on the surface. It casts a sheath on the upper layer of skin, protecting it from harmful UV, Sunburn, Skin cancer, Open pores, congestion, and pigmentation.

Who Should Use Titanium Dioxide?

The nano-scale formula of titanium dioxide is universal. It is safe for everyone, including babies as well. The particles do not cause any rash in babies and stay on the surface performing antibacterial activities. However, the right concentration can give fruitful results. So, different concentrations of titanium dioxide in creams and lotions are available.

Is Titanium Dioxide Safe?

There is no explanatory answer to that question. However, the nano-form titanium dioxide can’t be inhaled and penetrated. So, scientists regard it as a somewhat safe ingredient. However, skin sensitivity is always there, and before introducing it into the skincare regime as mineralized sunscreen, take a dermatologist’s advice.

How Is Titanium Dioxide Used?

Depending on the skin’s density and volume, it can be applied to the body. Before sun exposure, cleanse your skin, pat it dry, and use sunscreen. Application of sunscreen after every two hours is mandatory. For full-body applications, always seek dermatologists’ advice first.

Can Titanium Dioxide Be Used on the Body?

Yes, you can use it on the whole body or wherever necessary. It can be applied to the face, neck, and entire body as a lotion and cream. It keeps skin from open pores, pigmentation, and UV damage.

Can Titanium Dioxide Be Used With Other Skincare Ingredients?

Absolutely! It is also helpful with other skincare products, i.e., Physical sunscreens containing titanium dioxide can be mixed with chemical sunscreens to enhance absorption and efficacy. All in all, Titanium dioxide is a top ingredient in skincare. It is rated as a high-class product due to its ultra-fine consistency. As an effective sunscreen agent, its importance is matchless.

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