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Have you ever encountered a skincare or makeup product that leaves a velvety and smooth finish behind? Did you wonder what may have caused this suppleness in your skin? Well, we have the answer to it. The ingredient responsible for this silky, smooth, and glossy finish is known as Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). It is a magical ingredient with organic polymer-based silicones that are commonly referred to as Dimethicone. You may have seen this name on the ingredient list of your Body Cleansers, Facewashes, SPFs, Foundations, and Primers. Why silicone-based products, i.e., Dimethicone is, used in a skincare product? Because silicone does not penetrate the skin. It stays on the skin’s surface as a physical barrier to protect it from sweat, oil, impurities, etc. It covers and prepares the skin for smooth application that locks in moisture by acting as non-comedogenic.

Important Things to Know About Dimethicone

What Is Dimethicone Used For?

Dimethicone is a versatile ingredient present in many skincare, makeup, and medicated creams as well. Dimethicone acts as an emollient for the skin. Emollients are compounds that bring up healthy moisture, like oil on the skin’s surface, to trap moisture and keep the skin hydrated. The emollient nature of Dimethicone locks in moisture and keeps skin from itchiness, flakiness, and roughness.
Dimethicone in Cosmetics: Most primers and foundations leave behind a supple, soft, and smooth finish. Dimethicone fills in fine lines and wrinkles on the skin and protects the skin from excessive absorption of the product.

Who Should Use Dimethicone?

Dimethicone touches the sensory spectrum of the skin. It can be used by anyone suffering from dry, itchy, flaky, rash-prone, and rough skin to avoid trans-epidermal water loss and bring moisture. People who really want to prevent moisture from escaping should use this magical ingredient.

How Is Dimethicone Used?

Almost all skin-medicated creams, lotions, and gels contain Dimethicone; therefore, It would be best if you use them with the Doctor’s advice. However, wash your skin with a good cleanser first and pat it dry. Then apply the required amount of cream on the skin surface. Massage it with light hands. Let it absorb. It will soften the skin and soothe the rashes and prevent it from itch etc. Moreover, use these products as described on them.

How Does Dimethicone Work?

When the stratum corneum starts developing small spaces between cells, it makes the skin lose its moisture. The skin begins appearing dry and flaky. A tiny amount of cream containing Dimethicone applied evenly on the skin’s surface will fill in those spaces and helps the skin to lock in moisture and keeps it moisturized. Dimethicone in foundations fills the pores on the skin and wrinkles, making skin smooth and giving a matte finish.

Can Dimethicone Be Used on the Body?

Estheticians and scientists have mixed opinions about it. However, the majority regard it as a safe ingredient. Furthermore, its function is essential. It doesn’t clog the pores. Also, it doesn’t penetrate deeply into the skin. It stays on the skin’s surface and locks in moisture. So, Let’s go with the majority’s opinion regarding it as a safe ingredient for the body. It is used in medicated gels and lotions for elbows, arms, and feet to prevent specific skin issues.


All in all, Dimethicone is the only ingredient that gets love from all disciplines due to its efficacy and versatility. It addressed the skin with fewer side effects. Making it a go-to product for everyone.

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