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What if we told you that the top secret to healthy skin is moisturization? Did you wonder about the fine lines around your mouth and below your eyes? Did it ever occur to you why it all happened in the first place? Well, we fathom your worries. Get along with us. You will get your answer. The stratum corneum becomes flaky when the skin starts getting deprived of moisture. It loses moisture that is present between the cells. The desquamation occurs, which makes the epidermal condition worse. The skin becomes prone to different allergies. However, keeping in mind the ideology that ‘the sooner, the better. You can ward off this problem. You may already have dug into the various skincare products only to proven worse on your skin.

Let us tell you the magnificent ingredient that is the ultimate solution to your problem. Lo and behold! It is Urea. Yes, you read it right. It is a forgotten ingredient, but once you know its benefits, it will never get off your beauty shelves. Urea is a waste material produced by protein metabolism and stored in the liver. However, for skin care, synthetic Urea is prepared in the lab. It is a humectant that captures water vapors from the environment and stores them in the skin. Synthetic Urea has a keratolytic effect on the skin. Urea provides hydration, exfoliation, and protection to the skin. It won’t be a lie to say that Urea is a skin savior.

Important Things to Know About Urea

How Does Urea Work?

Urea is a humectant that captures atmospheric moisture and stores it under the skin’s surface. It also goes by the title ‘Natural moisturizing factor’ (NMF). These are the substances responsible for moisture lock between the cells. The keratolytic effect of Urea is powerful. Sometimes due to prolonged neglect of skincare, the bundles of skin cells form up at the place of the water lock.

As a result of this, moisture loss occurs. Skin becomes flaky, dry, and sensitive. It becomes vulnerable to different allergies, i.e., Psoriasis, eczema, callus, and open pores. Urea-containing creams, lotions, and gels would increase the moisture through humectant properties. The cells become soft and then break down the excessive keratin to make room for moisture retention.

Who Should Use Urea?

People suffer from thick skin, Psoriasis, eczema, calluses, open pores, foot callus, flakiness, and dryness. Urea-containing creams, lotions, sprays, and gels can address these issues and relieve the targeted area.

How Is Urea Used?

Topical Urea can penetrate faster and assures hydration. So, you must cleanse your skin and then apply topical Urea containing products to it. Lather them evenly. Leave them for absorption overnight. On foot, it can remove hard calluses by providing moisturization and exfoliation. Urea can be of great help for debridement and promote building up the production of healthy tissues.

Lower concentrations help treat general skin issues. Higher concentration may cause side effects. So, it is advisable that always introduce a lower concentration of Urea on the skin. When the skin starts getting tolerance, then higher concentrations may use.

Can I Use Urea on the Body?

Yes, Urea is a versatile ingredient and can address multiple skin issues. It may use on the body but not around anal and vaginal tissues. Always seek the advice of Surgeons and dermatologists before using it on the body. Hence, Urea’s heroic properties make it a top-notch ingredient in skincare manufacturing. But careful observation and handling must be done by estheticians and dermatologists.

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