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Zinc Oxide

We always get suggestions to wear SPF before stepping out. Given to current atmospheric situation, the SPF has become mandatory. An essential component of SPF is zinc oxide. Let’s dig into this term. It is derived from the natural mineral zincite, which is white and powdered in texture. Zinc Oxide dates back to an ancient century when it was used for treating wound scars and skin issues. In 1950, zinc oxide was finally recognized and entered the commercial market. This wonder product has anti-septic and anti-microbial properties. It protects the skin from harmful UV rays and is a barrier.

Important Things to Know About Zinc Oxide

What Is Zinc Oxide Used For?

Zinc oxide is widely used in skin care products and is an odorless, colorless, less harmful, and multi-functional ingredient. Lastly, it is known for screening UVA and UVB radiations. It is used in SPF products with a concentration of up to 25%. Since it exhibits anti-microbial properties, it is also widely used in calamine lotions and anti-rash creams. In addition, zinc oxide serves the purpose of the skin barrier as it is not dissolved in water and coats the skin surface, thus keeping it safe.

How Do Physical Sunscreens Compare to Chemical Sunscreens?

Chemical sunscreens tend to absorb into the skin, penetrate deep into the layers, and repair the damage caused by harsh UV radiation. It protects the skin intensely, side by side. However, Physical sunscreens stay on top of the skin, help reflect UV radiation, and keep the skin safe from impurities.

How Does Zinc Oxide Work?

Topical zinc oxide is a non-prescribed Over counter product used mainly for diaper rash, minor cuts, burn wounds, etc. It works by forming a barrier or protective sheath on the top of the skin. It can reflect UV radiation, which is highly harmful to the skin. It reduces signs of aging and helps in hyper-pigmentations well. A concentration of zinc oxide above 40% penetrates the dermal layer and may repair the cell damage caused by UV radiation.

In topical sunscreens, 20-25% zinc oxide concentration works best. Who should use zinc oxide? Different concentrations of zinc oxide work for other persons. However, anyone suffering from general rash issues, minor burns, skin scraping, and cuts can use zinc oxide. As a sunscreen ingredient, it is recommended for everyone to be up to a safe concentration. It works great for a baby‘s nappy rash.

How Should Use Zinc Oxide?

In powder form, it is advisable to mix it with some calamine lotion or Vaseline to make a paste and apply it to the required area. It is also available in different concentrations of lotion, gels, and creams. The targeted spot must be washed and cleaned thoroughly. Afterward, it can be airdried, and a product containing zinc oxide must be applied. As a sunscreen, repetition of application is required after every two hours.

Can Zinc Oxide Be Used on the Body?

Yes, zinc oxide is safe to use on the body, but a word of advice from dermatologists is always recommended.

Can Zinc Oxide Be Used With Other Skincare Ingredients?

Zinc oxide is a safe mineral ingredient, and in terms of skincare, it should be sought at the last step. However, to reap its other benefits, it must always be mixed with moisturizers, foundations, and creams. Lastly, Zinc oxide is a magnificent product having multiple uses. That’s why it is the No. 1 ingredient in the medicine industry. It has a broad-spectrum benefit for the skin.

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